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Our Beers

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Sonnenschein {sunshine} – Hazy IPA

    6.1% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    This golden-hued IPA’s opacity brings a satisfying mouthfeel to compliment the hoppy flavors of guava, peach and apricot. After the beer warms a bit, vanilla flavors come through. The fruity flavors evolve into a citrus zest and white tea bitterness without being too sharp at the end.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – lokale Keatur {local creature} – Amber

    6.1% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    Chestnut hued ale with toffee and dried fig in the initial taste, with hints of toasty notes continuing through the finish. Full bodied and hopped with care to compliment the malt flavors.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Goldrausch {goldrush} – Strong Hazy Pale

    6.1% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    Significant hop character for a pale ale, exhibiting mango, strawberry and nectarine flavors. The hop polyphenols from Monroe and Altus and the protein from its grain create the haze that provides its mouthfeel and balanced bitterness for a pale ale.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Kessel {cauldron} – Gruit Herbal Ale

    5.6% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    This ancient herbal recipe is a nod to early brewing traditions before hops were a standard in every beer. It is bittersweet to balance the tannins and flavors of the bittering herbs. A digestif that is unique and remarkably different than hopped ales. Take a step back in time with each sip.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Erdgeist {earth spirit} – IPA

    6.8% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    This dry West Coast IPA is sessionable and not overly bitter, but offers plenty of hop goodness. Flavors of pineapple, lemon-lime and even notes of pine and papaya. Hopped with citra, lemon drop, motueka, sultana and simcoe.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Wecken {awaken} – Farmhouse Flower

    6.5% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    This recipe is a tribute to bees and their lifelong pursuit of nectar. Created with honey and floral additions including rose, hibiscus and lavender, it will awaken each of your senses with its herbal bouquet of esters. An esoteric offering complimented by rye and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Feuergeist {fire spirit} – Belgian IPA

    6.8% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    Classic offerings from Belgian wit yeast give pear and banana in the aroma, and flavors of citrus and stone fruit. An easy drinker hopped with with citra and nelson sauvin.

  • Kulturhaus Brewing Co – Luftgeist {air spirit} – Belgische Weissbier

    5.6% ABV – Brewed in Haus

    Made with over 50% wheat, toasted coriander and orange peel, flavors of peach and nectarine offer a soft complexity and plenty of palate intrigue.

Guest Taps

  • Russian River Brewing – STS Pilsner

    5.3% ABV – Santa Rosa, CA

    A classic German-style pilsner, hopped with a small amount of European hops. It is straw in color and will often have a slight haze due to the fact that there is a trace amount of yeast left in the beer. This beer is hop-forward with a firm malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish.

  • Russian River – Blind Pig – IPA

    6.2% ABV – Santa Rosa, CA

    Full-bodied, very hoppy, with citrus, pine, fruity notes, and a nice dry, bitter finish. An impeccably well-balanced IPA and cult favorite.

  • Two Broads Ciderworks – Yarlington Mills – Single Varietal

    8.5% ABV – Sebastopol, CA

    A traditional cider apple with more tannin and more acid than a dessert/culinary apple. The resulting cider is a medium body, balancing acid, and bright lemon. Like most of their cider, this one is dry.

Available in Cans

  • Boochcraft – Rotating Seasonal Selection – Hard Kombucha

    7% ABV

    Fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients are used to create rotating limited release offerings. Inspired by the seasons, this hard kombucha offers a delicious gluten free sipping option.

  • FICKS – Blackberry – Hard Seltzer

    5% ABV

    Using only natural ingredients in the brewing process, creates a sensational hard seltzer containing no sugar or carbs which is malt-free and gluten-free with only 99 calories per can. Ask your bartender for our current available flavor!

  • Lucky Rock Wine Co – Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir

    250 ml

    Lucky Rock finds incredible Pinot Noir vineyards that almost magically blend together in the bottle to create a seamless, harmonious, delicious whole. The Sauvignon Blanc is one monster groove from a single vineyard.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

  • Hausmade Shrubs and Switchels – Seasonal Rotating Selection

    Summer Thyme

    Locally foraged loquats, meyer lemons and nectarines with a subtle addition of organic thyme, tulsi and lemon verbena leaves steeped in white wine vinegar

    Strawberry Meyer Lemon

    Organic strawberries from Halcyon Farms cold macerated with organic meyer lemons and a splash of apple cider vinegar – a perfect strawberry soda for kids!

    Blood Orange Hibiscus

    Central coast blood oranges combined with organic hibiscus flowers and a spiced elderberry infusion

    Ginger Switchel

    Raw fresh pressed ginger, lime and lemon juices are combined with traditional ginger ale spices

  • Sunshine Bottle Works – Rootbeer

    12 oz bottle

    A locally made soda offering the intense flavors of natural sarsaparilla, vanilla, anise and clove without all the sweetness and all of the Sunshine.

  • Health-Ade Kombucha – Pink Lady Apple

    16 oz bottle

    A delicious brew flavored with cold-pressed juice from organic Pink Lady apples. Its incredibly crisp and slightly sweet with a hint of cider flavor making it a satiating non-alcoholic option.

  • San Pellegrino – Sparkling Italian Aranciata (Orange) Beverage

    11.5 oz can

    ”The Italian Tradition” 16% orange juice in sparkling water.