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Upcoming Classes

Join us to expand your knowledge of the fermentation process or to get started fermenting at home! Our class offerings change and we will repeat our “Introduction to Fermentation” class a couple of times a year.

  • Countertop Sodas and Wild Bubbles

    Sat, Feb 18th 10-11:30 am

    Learn how to concoct traditional beverages that use wild fermentation to create “living sodas.” Recipes and techniques for nonalcoholic ginger beer, kvass and tepache will be covered. Recipe packet will be included to take home which also includes general tips and techniques for successful fermentations! Sip on a nonalcoholic beverage in class, bar and kitchen open for other offerings. Reserve your seat

  • Soured Breads from Many Cultures

    Tuesday, March 7th 5:30-7:30pm

    Join Monika Knapp of Colony Culture and Jennifer Harris of Kulturhaus to learn sourdough bread making and beyond! The ancient art of culturing doughs and batters has been used around the world and in this class we will be discussing traditional sourdough loaves, pizza, naan (flatbreads) as well as dive into gluten free fermented flatbreads to discuss dosa and injera techniques. Reserve your seat

  • Testimonials

    Hear from others who have learned with Jennifer

    “Jennifer Harris was my gateway to the world of fermentation, when I began attending her workshops for all kinds of live, fermented foods: kombucha and kefir, sauerkraut and pickles, hot pepper sauce and chèvre. She is an effective presenter, filled with obvious energy and love for helping people learn to create their own fermented foods. She brings people together in the community to collaborate and expand our collective knowledge. And Jennifer inspired in me that oh-so-addictive habit of looking at any fresh vegetable or fruit and think, “I wonder how I might pickle THAT!” I’ll remain grateful always.” – Deb Kiger

    “I met Jennifer when she taught her monthly Vital alchemy classes. She also started the Fermentation festival that continued to grow every year until she moved. She even taught a seminar at our local apple festival dressed in a bee suit. On a very hot day. I’ve learned that so many things can be fermented from Sauerkraut, cashew cheese, Kefir, Kvass, Miso and on and on. Jennifer always had something new and exciting to learn about. She always had great demos and usually something to eat prepared by her ahead of time. She can get technical with science if you wanted or she can keep it simple. She speaks with clarity and sometimes with a comical or satirical edge. She comes prepared with props that really helped with demos. Her teaching style is so fun that she can probably get her audience to be interested in anything.” -Dayna Wiebalk

    I first met Jennifer Harris when I attended one of her monthly Sonoma County Fermentation Club meetings. I didn’t know much about fermented foods at that time. I learned so much, as I continued to attend her club meetings on a regular basis. Many of Jennifer’s club meetings had over 50 attendees. I believe that Jennifer’s popularity as a speaker & success in leading her Fermentation Club were due to her strong knowledge of fermented foods & drinks plus she’s an enthusiastic public speaker who is well organized. Jennifer was the founder of the Sonoma County Fermentation Festival where my wife and I served as volunteers. Jennifer’s strong leadership skills were evident, as this festival was well-organized, well-promoted in our local media outlets, and very well-attended.” – Bill Wiebalk

    “Jennifer is an amazing teacher who shares the craft of fermentation beautifully! Her classes were a community event anticipated monthly, and many of us wished they were offered weekly. Jennifer creates a very welcoming environment for all skill levels, is appreciative of cultural diversity within the many forms of fermented food medicines, and shares her extensive knowledge of traditional & innovative fermentation practices with joyful humility. Exceptionally skilled as a teacher of this tradition and a lovely person, I highly recommend you experience a fermentation class and meet Jennifer if ever given the opportunity!” -Hedieh Shariatmadari